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>> announcer: today on "steven and chris" -- interior designer sarah
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richardson mixes palettes and patterns. fashion designer franco mirabelli showcases his latest collection. and the perfect potluck dish. ♪ you've got style, baby ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ you've got style, baby ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah [cheering and applause] >> hello! whoo! >> steven: thank you. >> chris: whoo-hoo! [continued applause and cheering] >> steven: seriously, thank you. >> chris: thank you so much. >> thank you, everyone. >> chris: thank you, thank you, thank you all. what a great show we have planned for you today. are you ready to have some fun with us? [cheering and applause] very good. we have got an all-star
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lineup. who do we have, mr. sabados? the one and only sarah richardson is here, guys. [applause and cheering] such a fantastic designer. good friend of ours. she's a really, really busy woman. >> chris: she's a beautiful woman. >> steven: all that. she's going to be sharing her design philosophy and a few fantastic tips. >> chris: that's going to be fun, right? amazing. [applause] we also have two wonderful ladies from the best of british cookbook series. we had them on the show before. i adore them. >> yes, mary and sally. yes, they are here, guys. [applause] >> chris: yes. now these -- seriously. 35 years. there was a whole bunch of them, a grup of them. >> steven: they started playing bridge 35 years ago. they figured out the best part of getting together and playing bridge was the food because they all brought food together. so they thought why not make cookbooks? so they did. >> chris: 35 years later, 4 million copies have been sold. [applause] not only just bridge ladies. they're rich bridge ladies.
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[laughter] >> steven: and they have a whole series, and today -- >> chris: fantastic. i'm sure people in the audience had one of these, right? >> steven: everybody knows these ladies. >> chris: but first it's time for scotties good, better best. today it's all about the den. are you guys ready? [applause] we have today. >> steven: yeah. >> chris: let's get going. >> the den in a home or condo often gets overlooked. we want it to be as beautiful as the rest of your home. >> chris: let's get started with the basics for a gooden. chairs. obviously you're going to want to sit down. probably you want to read in there, watch a little television. we want to show you something like these chairs here. aren't they great, guys? beautiful chairs. [applause] they're very tailored, but at the same time they're comfy. >> steven: really comfortable. >> chris: i love these particular chairs because, you know what is this they don't look huge in the space because the den is probably a small room in your house so usually smaller spaces so you want them to look tidy and tight. >> steven: it's a great little design feature here.
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these swivel. you know what i mean? >> they're sort of -- [applause] you don't think they're going to swivel so they're a little more practical, right? >> steven: absolutely. for the den, we also want some good floor lamps, christopher. a little more artistic, sort of tucked in there. and again we're really, really into gold and gold's such a hot color trend. >> chris: this one's a matte gold. really interesting like that. the next thing we want to talk about is the coffee table. you would probably expect in a den normally you would do an ottoman and put your feet up. the space is small so we wanted to go with a glass coffee table to keep it bright and airy and open, right, steven? something really dynamic like this coffee table here. what do you think? [applause] >> it's small. not heavy. it's interesting. the glass and again the gold metal, guys. new trend. >> chris: are you going to sit there the whole show? >> steven: i'm really comfortable. >> put his feet up. >> steven: relax. >> chris: let's talk about the artwork. gorgeous or what, right? [applause] you want something in the
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space. you want to give yourself a focal point so your eye is directed towards it. we always go with big and bold. still tasteful. i love bringing the gold through. the gold is fantastic. so, guys, what do you think? this is a gooden. [applause] all right. are you ready to make it a better den? >> steven: let's make it a better den. >> chris: sit there the entire time, mr. sabados. >> the first thing we'll talk about is bring in the accessories, guys. simple, simple, a nice way just to warm it up. add some personality. >> chris: keep it simple. you don't want to start putting too much stuff in there. you don't want all your -- to start gathering up things from other rooms and make it a drop-off zone. do it very, very tasteful. >> steven: you can never go wrong with orchids, whether it's real or artificial. i think it's always classy. >> chris: i love them. love them. look how much personality that already adds to the space. [applause] more interesting than a love seat. maybe put a love seat in. >> steven: we thought we'd really go with this beautiful s.e.t.i. >> chris: i love the reaction to that. [applause]
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so that's going to be on your opposite wall. it's going to be really nice and comfortable. you're going to lay down and read. you don't always have to put a love seat or sofa in there. it really looks like it's designed by a professional. >> steven: this one we got from a cool store called cocoon. i love the slay arms -- sleigh arms. it's really, really chic. some punchier patterns onto the chairs. again that's going to sigh in the s.e.t.i. fantastic. all right, guys. what do you think? is it better? [applause] >> all right. this is exciting. first of all let's make it the best it could possibly be but let's take the artwork off the walls, guys. we want to surprise you so we want you to close your eyes and everybody at home close your eyes. [laughter] everyone, close your eyes. you're going to open them and oprah's going to be here. actually digging into your purses as we speak. >> all right. how are we doing, guys? does it look good? all right. i'm going to stand back. ok, guys. open your wall -- open your
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eyes, because this is going to make a great wall! [applause] isn't that great, guys? the whole thing -- feature to the space. i think this really adds a lot of drama. it almost has an architectural salvage sort of feel, right? >> chris: absolutely. sconces so we get the final impact, guys. to add some real personality, we went with these fantastic sconces. >> steven: gorgeous. >> chris: for your lighting. [applause] right? >> steven: talk about those. >> again it's something unexpected that you do. and again tied in with sort of this architectural feeling. it all sort of works in the drama. >> chris: i love it. what do you guys think? is this the best den ever?! [applause] >> also a quick little bonus. it's all on-line the instructions on how to create your own architectural feature in your space. >> chris: when we come back, designer sarah richardson will be with us! i love it. i want to move right in here. >> announcer: next, how to
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get patterns perfect every time. >> i think it's important to remember that you want your space to be your space. you want it to look different and your -- than your space and your space and your space. >> a fabulous fashion designer shows off his most recent collection. >> this is one of those :ñats you'd wear to a
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progressive claims. this is flo. i need you. i feel so alone. but you're not alone. i knew you'd come. like i could stay away. you know i can't do this without you. you'll never have to. you're always there for me. shh! i'll get you a rental car. i could also use an umbrella. fall in love with progressive's claims service. [applause and cheering] >> as we said at the top of the show, we are so excited
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because sarah richardson's here! [continued applause and cheering] how are you? [talking simultaneously] >> "muah." [talking simultaneously] [laughter] we are so excited to have you on the show, honey. you really are one of the most talented female designers we've ever met. and one of the best-looking, right? right there. [applause] >> steven: exactly. >> any time. >> chris: you know what? we just love your look. your look is something so beautiful, so beautifully put together. for you, what makes a perfectly designed space? >> you know, i think for me, the part that makes it perfectly designed is being able to see it through to the finish line, and i think that's one of the things that tommy and i love most about being able to do transformations for television, because there's no excuse for it not to be perfect when you walk out. you can't just buy a sofa, drop it in and go, ok. well, we'll wait and finish the rest of it up in six
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months because that doesn't make a very good transformation. >> right. >> so it's that need and that pressure that you have to take it all the way to the finish line. so that's what i strive for in everything we do is no matter what the budget, no matter what the aesthetic, no matter what style of home, what the architecture is, the location, actually being able to get to that point where we can say this room is done. so you're not sort of spending every weekend going, hmm, that lamp. i need a -- >> should i do that? >> steven: that's when you start making those rash decisions and start questioning yourself. oh, i don't like those pillows. you've got to see them finished. >> or that's when you end up with a whole house with nothing done. so i think being able to focus the way we do, in a single episode. >> chris: see the final picture in your head and don't go next door and talk to marj and say come over. what do you think? we don't get marge's opinion. >> sometimes you don't have to ask your neighbors. they just offer. we might bring something in. suddenly a few days later, you know, i've been thinking -- no, you haven't
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been thinking. you've been talking to your neighbor. we know what you've been up to. >> chris: lock their doors from the outside. padlock the neighbor's doors. >> i think it's important to remember you want your space to be your space. you want it to look different than your space and your space and your space. >> steven: dive into your space. you want to see your space. the first one we have here is from sarah 101. maybe bold but wouldn't necessarily think as your type of space, you know? [applause] >> this is a bit of a departure? i think when we look at you and think really romantic, really eclectic, well thought out. but no. >> i think the thing is, as a designer, you have to work -- you have to cater what you're doing to the client, to the space. so this is an authentic -- this is a guy, single guy living a downtown lifestyle and i think it's about having fun and thinking where am i? how do i want to feel? >> steven: yeah.
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>> and starting from a sort of jumping-off point that allows you to have some fun with it. >> steven: your jumping-off point is that area rug? that's a pretty spectacular paint. >> chris: isn't that amazing, guys? isn't that gorgeous? [applause] >> big wall. big wall, small thinking budget. and so we saw this rug on sale next to our office for 50% off. and that will work. >> steven: you want to -- a lot of square footage for a small thing. >> absolutely. >> chris: i love it. >> that's an easy thing to do. and it actually started with the polka-dot fabric that was on the pillows, which was the one thing that the client really didn't like, but it gave us the impetus. >> chris: take it out at the end of the show. puts it back in your purse. >> oh, you're going to learn to love. yeah, i still actually don't like that. fine, then. [laughter] i'm taking my pillows out of here. pack it all up. we're done. >> steven: let's go to this beautiful green room. >> chris: wow.
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so lovely. [applause] >> i think it's what everybody loves. like i think it's like one of those looks that appeals to so many different people, right? that's why people -- do people hire you and say i want the sarah richardson look? because you are so big and you're so well known. do they say i want your style, you? >> well, they think they want it going into it and then they really don't. [laughs] >> yeah. >> no. i mean -- and it's really important to make sure that you do what your clients want. it's not about me just being cowboy da-dunn, da-dunn. it's about trying to make it seem like it fits you. >> chris: from them. a check at the end of it. >> steven: so there's a lot of pattern. it looks very soft and monochromatic. there's a lot going on there. >> chris: interesting. >> steven: yeah, yeah, yeah. where did you start? >> i always start with a patterned fabric, either a patterned carpet, like here, or a patterned fabric. in this case it was the magnolia floral.
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and then what i like to do is i draw it out and look at all the different colors and try and make it so it's a layered mix. you've got a floral floral, you need a stripe. you need a small geometric print. you need something luxurious. a touch of silk. something textural and tactile. this cotton woven duri we turned into a bench. >> there's always something with you that's a little unexpected like the bench. a little bit out but it's great. >> there's some peach lamp shades. [laughter] >> actually. let's go to the next shot, guys. now this we absolutely love. >> this i love. >> this is london, darling. [applause] >> spectacular. this room is one of my fame -- favorites. did i say fame? fame. >> steven: the industrial mix with those beautiful traditional side tables. beautiful mix. >> i think that if you're -- i mean obviously we're all
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seeing more traditional influences, and ic that it's a nice place to go back to. it's our history, our heritage, crafts pan ship, beauty, attention to detail. if you're working in a traditional or transitional style, you don't want it to look like an imprint or moment in time. we're not trying to go back to little italian village here. you need is. so the chaurs have the polished nickel nailhead. on the menswear chairs, the twig aluminum sort of metal table. some, you know, sort of '60s art glass with sterling silver. >> yeah. >> steven: a lot of eras mixed up in there. beautiful. >> it's what you inherited and what you love. >> before we go, what's on the burner for you? anything new that you want -- >> i'm in development on a new series. >> chris: awesome. >> i'm working on a book. >> chris: yay! >> about a line of fabrics i'm doing for kraf it. that will be out next year,
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2013. 2013. >> good for you! [applause] [laughter] >> chris: thank you so much for being with us. so nice having you here. all right, everybody. a masterpiece, guys. that's coming up next. >> awesome. thank you, sweetheart. [applause and cheering] >> announcer: next -- the perfect potluck dish. >> if we don't have sweet potatoes, can i substitute? >> why would you? [laughter] >> announcer: and later, baking tips to make your life easier. >> or we can do just hold in your hand and run it under one tap. es@ñ
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[applause and cheering] >> steven: welcome back, everybody. the ladies from the best of bridge series are here to share a perfect potluck recipe. everyone please say hello to sally vaughan-johnston and mary halpen! [applause] thank you so much for coming on. >> thrilled to be here. >> they all love you. you guys have sold 4 million cookbooks? >> yeah. it's been a grand adventure. >> steven: like that would be hundreds of thousands every recipes, you know. >> our families attest to the fact that they weren't
9:22 pm
all good. [chuckles] >> steven: but every time you guys got together, you guys would try recipes and try food? >> eventually it was international women's year which was like 1975 and somebody said you should write a cookbook to prove that we can start a business. >> steven: that's fantastic. you still play bridge though? >> no. [laughs] >> steven: no. >> too busy doing cookbooks. >> steven: what are we making today? >> sweet potato canneloni. >> steven: nothing wrong with that. >> slow cooker. [applause] >> steven: what are you doing? >> i'm grating the sweet potato, steven. you can help me out by mixing a couple of eggs in your little bowl. >> just two? >> four. once you're done that, you're going to add them into that riccotta cheese there. mary meanwhile -- >> i'm using my knife skills. [laughter] i'm chopping up -- no fingernails in here. >> steven: that's perfect, mary. >> slow cooker.
9:23 pm
surprising dishes. did you know you could cook pasta in it? >> steven: no, i really didn't. i certainly do. mostly you cook beef and chicken meals, things of that nature. >> soups and such. you can do a baked pasta, lasagna, canneloniment you can do -- you can make corn bread. >> steven: corn bread? is that in the recipe book as well? >> yeah. we have a whole chapter on desserts. like fruit cobblers. >> steven: you know what's beautiful with that? if you're cook ago big meal, the slow cooker, done by the time you're finished your meal. >> one less thing to put in the oven. a little bit of parmesan cheese here, if you would. >> steven: ok. >> a good couple scrapes. it's nice to use fresh parmesan rather than the pre stuff that's already grated. i love that. we'll put a little bit of nutmeg. it's all going to come together in the end. you can put that in here. >> steven: this is all part of the filling? >> sous chef. [laughs]
9:24 pm
sous chef. bring it on. a bit of spinach in there. >> steven: ok. here we go. >> move that. give that a god stir. >> steven: who developed this recipe? do you guys know who developed each recipe? >> i did. >> steven: you did? [laughing] >> me. because the great thing about this book is about half the recipes -- there's 200 in the book. about half the recipes are all-time favorite best of bridge classics. pot roast and vegetables. >> steven: yeah, yeah. >> adapted to the slow cooker. >> steven: oh. >> and then the remaining recipes are brand new. so with some of the brand-new ones, it was a great opportunity to bring in a lot more vegetables. >> steven: ok. >> fresh vegetables, contemporary flavors. >> steven: nice, nice, nice. >> and this is the lovely thing with the sweet potato. so have you stuffed canneloni before? >> steven: i never have, no. i don't know what i'm doing here so i don't know. >> your fingers. >> steven: oh. >> this is great one for the kids. >> steven: if you don't have sweet potato, can i
9:25 pm
substitute with something in here? >> why would you? it wouldn't be sweet potato canneloni. [laughing] [applause] >> steven: that would make sense, sally. i hear you. >> so, you know -- we have some already stuffed here. >> steven: yeah, thank you. >> mary here has also mixed together a tomato sauce. you can use the -- you know, pre purchase it in a can. or, if your mom has a great recipe for tomato sauce, you can use that. >> steven: you guys put something in here. condensed milk? >> evaporated milk. >> steven: sorry. what does that do to the sauce? >> it makes it nice and creamy. mary's going to ladle about half of that in it. >> steven: ok. >> you might ask why we're not using whilk -- milk or whipping cream. the reason for that is in the slow cooker they separate and become very unappealing. milk gives it that lovely creamy flavor without doing that. >> through trial and error
9:26 pm
you're like, ooh. >> a couple cannelonis there nobody ate. [laughter] so that's great. what you do is we just layer -- >> steven: like a lasagna. >> like lasagna. you don't have to make it terribly artistic. you can just kind of lay them in here. >> steven: now these are just the regular shells you get in the grocery store, correct? >> these are the ones they call oven ready. you don't have to boil them. >> steven: ok. good point. >> really fast to assemble. and, you know, these oven ready ones, you can use them in a conventional oven, too, but they cook particularly well in the slow cooker. they become very tender without becoming mushy. >> steven: almost a nightmare trying to get the boiled ones and canneloni. >> can you imagine? >> a few of those kitchen nightmares. >> steven: like getting the tooth paste back in the tube. squeeze it in there. >> it all kind of comes together. >> steven: yeah. >> and once they're all in there more or less -- good enough. there we go. >> steven: cover this puppy up. >> put a little more sauce in because you want to cover
9:27 pm
them so the sauce gets all soaked in there. >> steven: that's a good point. cover them up. [talking simultaneously] >> steven: oh! stop. stop now. [chuckles] >> and we'll have the cheese. >> steven: the cheese. >> there we go. >> your recipe. >> steven: we should do an apron flop some day. >> this one, all slow cookers have a low and high setting. on low you cook it for five to six hours, or on high for two to three hours. i should quickly mention the range. the range of cooking temperatures. people wonder about that. >> steven: every slow cooker's different. >> got it. >> you've learned that. >> steven: yes. because i'm thinking, yeah. you say put it on high, then they could -- >> exactly. >> steven: and when we're done, let's reveal that. ooh. lock that, at that, guys.
9:28 pm
-- look at that, guys. dinner is served. >> it is. [applause] >> steven: can i do -- >> you can. >> steven: it's just bubbling away. oh, wow. oh, come on, guys. >> put that on when you went to work or tv when you come home and your dinner's ready. >> steven: i have my own fork in my pocket here. >> [laughing] >> steven: can i just start digging into this? and i'll be your sampler here? it's very hot. [laughter] that's good. we're working through it. >> the only thing that you cannot cook in the slow cooker probably is fish. i mean you could cook pretty much everything else. fish because it cooks too quickly. >> steven: fantastic recipe, guys. fantastic. thank you very much, mary as well. beautiful. [applause] guys, the lovely ladies have left a copy of best of bridge for everybody in the audience as well. you're getting a cookbook.
9:29 pm
[applause and cheering] wonderful, wonderful. thank you so much. come back again real soon. >> thank you. >> steven: we're going to take a quick break. franco mirabelli will be right here after the break. wonderful. thank you. >> announcer: coming up -- fashion designs with real women in mind. >> i'm inspired by women. i love beautiful women. i love them to be dressed in a way that's
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♪ you've got style, baby ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah [cheering and applause] >> welcome back, everybody. today's fashion designer, franco mirabelli is here to share isolateest collection. everyone, please give some love to franco. >> welcome to the show! [applause] >> thank you for having me. >> chris: your pieces are always classic every season. i mean they're always so timeless. you're going to show us your new collection today. first, can you give us an idea where you get your inspiration and who your muse is. >> well, my muse is definitely my wife. we travel together and search for fabrics and everything in europe together. but just really the women around me. you know, i'm inspired by women. i love beautiful women. i love them to be dressed in a way that's comfortable but yet powerful and confident. i like that. that's what turns me on. >> steven: travel's really important to you. how does that play into your design? >> as a designer you always
9:33 pm
feel like you're kind of an anthropologist. you lock back at where you've come from and you're looking forward to the future, new ideas and inspiration and i get it everywhere. i could be at a flea market in pa paris. i could be in new york city or kensington market down in toronto. i'm always looking for some little detail that's going to make my garment special. >> steven: you don't start with a fabric in mind? >> fabric is first and paramount because that really tells me what to do. i can look at a fabric and it will say make me this great little riding jacket. >> chris: it speaks to you. that's awesome. >> strange, right? >> chris: no! every artist has voices in their head. i know one right here. [laughter] [talking simultaneously] >> a loud voice and obnoxious in his head. let's get started with your fashions. let's bring out our first model and it is janelle. >> janelle. [applause] >> beautiful. >> thank you. >> very powerful. so this is our little military sort of riding jacket. you know, we pick up on those military details,
9:34 pm
those great little brass buttons. we'll bring in that sort of menswear check. the ultra suede padded elbows, just to sort of give it that detail. but again, like we've teamed it up with the double-knit pant and that great little blouson great melange top. so you could wear this jacket with your jeans. you could really dress it up or dress it down. >> steven: so this is something that's very versatile. >> always thinking what can we do beyond one look? one-dimensional doesn't inspire me to go on. >> steven: i love the combination of military and riding. that's cool. >> it's sort of a sexy and masculine look all at the same time which is very, very feminine. >> i like that kind of mix. you look fantastic. thank you so much, darling. beautiful, beautiful. >> gorgeous. comfortable. [applause] >> the models are gorgeous. >> it never hurts. >> and next we have the lovely jana. >> wow. >> this is so paris. >> yes.
9:35 pm
>> jacket, again military inspired. this is a faux fur but very, very dramatic. >> it's spectacular. >> the detail. it feels wonderful. this is attached. i love luxurious fabrics and fabrics that sort of feel sensuous. >> capes are spectacular. i'm glad they're back in such a huge way. you've really changed it and really adapted it to what's happening right now. military inspired thing is really hot and you brought it into a cape. that's genius. >> and we had to make it so that it was wearable. i really dress my comfortable. i want her to feel empowered. >> look at that! [laughter] >> yeah, spectacular. the skirt, the zipper detail, all the way down. fantastic. >> and again, that double-knit fabric that we did the skirt in. the shirt has stretch to it, so they're really, really comfortable. >> chris: what's so great about the double-knit fabric? >> it travels really well. there's a lot of ease. there's a lot of give but it looks great. i use a double-knit fabric
9:36 pm
that comes out every italy so it doesn't pill. there's no surprises to my clothes. i hate to let you down as a designer. >> you've had sweaters that have pilled and you're so disappointed. you spent money on this and now two wears and it's pilling. >> i spend a lot of time and effort sort of going and finding the right thing so it's really important that i come up with the right designs for them. >> you sure did. you look gorgeous. you are a gorgeous lady. [applause] >> and next we have keegan. this is a great look as well. hi, keegan. >> how are you? >> the coat's beautiful. >> this is for everybody. gorgeous. >> shaped coat. alpaca. great kim moneyo sleeve. it ties at the waist. it's just an easy coat. it's effortless. >> you don't want your coat to -- oh,ings, i have to dress with this. you can put anything on with this. >> totally. wear it with your jeans, a little skirt. anything. >> i love this dress on you. oh, take that coat. >> oh, yes yes, yes. you look beautiful. yes. [applause]
9:37 pm
>> like a wine colored snake inspired nape on the fabric. jersey. >> right? isn't that gorgeous? [applause] >> you know what i like about this as well? the long sleeves, you know. >> it's simple all at the same time. we've teamed it up with the belt, which we've actually sort of done from that. >> which i love. >> what is it called? >> keeping it fresh and young. and you look hot in this. you should buy it, i'm telling you. this is smoking ott on you. i'm telling you, girl. you look gorgeous. >> you stay there and look gorgeous. we'll take a quick break. we have more great looks coming up after this. [applause] >> announcer: later -- >> the foinds we look for in the early stages are drinks more, urinates mor
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[applause] >> steven: hey, everybody. we're back with fashion designer franco mirabelli. before we get started, what are your biggest pet peeves in fashion? >> good question. >> it is a good question. >> puts you on the spot, didn't we? >> there i am, spotlight. [laughter] >> that's my saturday best. >> or sunday. >> why not? >> i think it's when somebody sort of dresses, um, sort of where they put too many trends on at the same time. >> steven: let's get started. our first model, janelle. come on out, sweetie. [applause]
9:41 pm
>> this is great. wow. >> how do you shop and buy all of that stuff? >> so this is holiday, cocktail wear. this is a brocade coat in that pewter, and it's a floral design in a jacquard so it's really quite spectacular. this is one of those coats you'd wear for hol. you'd wear it to a wedding. you'd wear it for any special occasion. your go to coat. >> absolutely. so much in the pattern but it's the tone on tone so it's not jumping out at you. >> subtle. >> new and fresh. oh, my gosh! >> the red sash dress. >> classic, rights? [applause] >> talk about lady in red. wow. this is like the perfect go to little red dress. >> exactly. >> you know? >> little keyhole neckline, you know. it's just, again, simple. >> --. sometimes really difficult to do simple. >> right. >> because it has to come off and look like, you know, a chic little dress. this is really clean with just that little touch. >> but it's that one thing that makes it just stand out a little bit. i mean obviously, the
9:42 pm
keyhole but that little button, just that detail. >> she can wear this forever. >> it's a timeless piece. you'll have it forever. >> steven: talk about just the jacket quickly as well because that's a rocking jacket you could wear to a club. jeans, cool shirt, cool boots. >> totally. [applause] i'm always thinking like that. >> amazing. you look amazing. thank you so much, darling. fantastic. >> lock how gorgeous you are. >> look at that model walk. stunning. >> fantastic. all right. our next model here. janisment there's my girl! [chuckles] wow! this is stunning! >> beautiful. >> my favorite. jewel tones, the teal. we've done that really wonderful angel hair faux fur little sweater. it's really a sweater jacket. it's a knit, and it's really unstructured. so it's easy. it's like a little cape you just put on. >> chris:. [gasp] you need to buy this! i'm buying it for you. [applause] someone get my credit card
9:43 pm
because you need to own this. >> steven: monochromatic. really big trend right now. tone on tone. the jewel tone's really big. the teal is really fresh. and, again, very simple, but to the point, you know. this is an effective dress. >> steven: you paired it up with a sexy high boot. >> yes. >> steven: elevates it. >> the details, you know, it's all part of the look and the details. >> sexy boot. it's hot. it's really sexy. can i see this? i never would do that but i'm curious the different locks that you would get. look at that, too, right? yeah. [applause] flawless. >> exactly. i use really, really a heavy weight matte jersey so it doesn't show any lumps and bumps. >> smooths you out. >> yes. >> not that you need smoothing out. that's for sure. you are smooth. thank you so much. [laughing] >> i'm in love with you. you are fabulous. [applause] >> go get my credit hard, honey. >> this is the lovely keegan. this is a standout piece. wow.
9:44 pm
gorgeous. [applause] >> it's the colors. >> pop of color. >> a little bit further away from the body, you know. it's that bright fuchsia. so this is really sort of a dayware coat we've teamed up with an evening wear lock. love it because we want to be able to do more than one thing with it. >> chris: you like working with bright colors like this? i do see you a lot in the neutrals. now i'm seeing more colors than i've seen before. >> it's fresh. especially the fuchsia played against the black shimmering jersey dress. >> chris: let's see the dress. let's do that. that coat you can't feel sad in. you're going to be happy in that. look at you! >> wow. i love the hot pink with the black graphic. [applause] >> you look so hot in that. talk about the fabric. >> again, matte jersey but it's got some shimmer to it. it's got that sort of animal print in the design but very subtle, you know? a great little go to dress for the holidays. >> little black dress. it's different. >> steven: i just want to
9:45 pm
see how it works with the black. just so graphic. >> chris: little peek at this. love it, love it, love it. i just feel like you're going to be happy when you put that on. [applause] you don't have to be sad when you walk out the door. people are going to be happy when they talk to you. you look fantastic, darling. you are gorgeous. you are fabulous. thanks for being on our show. i look forward to seeing your next collection. [applause] >> somebody's going to go home with that pink jacket today. someone in the audience today. [applause] fantastic. >> amazing. when we come back we're going to be talking about pet health with our resident vet julia. you are fabulous. thank you so much for coming. >> announcer: still to come -- make your life easier with our baking secrets. >> steven: brown sugar. you always get this lumpy -- >> i actually don't like goi
9:46 pm
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
♪ [applause] >> steven: welcome back, everybody. julia hammond is here to talk about pet issues. >> hi, jowlia. >> hi. how are you? >> you look lovely today. >> thank you, thank you. >> this is something you're very passionate about. what's this disease? >> talking about diabetes meltus which most people call diabetes. i am guessing more to ask the audience, pretty well everyone would know somebody who has diabetes. >> yeah, absolutely. for sure. >> it's a very serious disease. it can start off causing
9:49 pm
signs like weight loss in someone. it can lead to organ failure, infections, blindness and eventually death. >> wow. >> so it's very important in people, but as a veterinarian, it also happens in cats and dogs. >> right. >> chris: you don't think about it that often and it's something you want to bring awareness to. >> absolutely. although people are more aware of diabetes and when i start talking to them about signs they go, ah, maybe it's die bow tease. >> steven: the symptoms. they can't tell you. they're pets, obviously. so you have to look for them. >> absolutely. the major signs we look for in the early stages are a pet who drinks more, urinates more, maybe has accidents in the house. >> yes. >> when they never did before. has a ravenous appetite, trying to eat everything, and yet in the same space they're losing weight. >> we actually had a cat named miriam and she was a beautiful little himalayan. she got diabetes. it was a very difficult thing to watch and to take care of. >> yeah. >> let's go through it. first of all can you prevent it? i remember thinking to myself, what did we do wrong? >> absolutely not. there's -- they're not
9:50 pm
exactly sure always why it happens, but if there's any inflammation to the pancreas where insulin is made, that certainly will bring on diabetes. also we're thinking there may be some autoimmune problems. maybe also just a wearing out problem. >> my gosh. all right. so let's get into managing the stages, right? so your pet has diabetes. we've come to see you. first i get, what, the initial consultation, right? >> yeah. i'll do a physical kpanl. i'll ask questions about appetite, weight, drinking, urination. often what we'll go on to do is take a blood sample to make sure. do we have high blood sugar? are there any other problems, organ problems with the kidney, liver, thyroid issues. and then we'll also get a urine sample. and what we're looking for on the urine is evidence of a lot of sugar. >> ok. >> so just like us. >> ok. >> what i'll use is i will use one of these urine sticks. >> yeah. just like humans. >> exactly the same thing. i'll dip it in the urine and the glucose meter is right there. what will happen is there's
9:51 pm
a lot of glucose, the little pad will go from a yellow to a dark green. >> very similar to yourself. you're trying to get it going on this thing? [laughing] good luck. the cat to go in this thing. >> i tell you right now. they ain't going in that. >> yeah. so of course there's a really big difference trying to get a urine sample from a 100-pound dane. >> yes. >> there you go. >> real quick. but we have a little trick for kitty cats. this is actually a litter but it's may made out of plastic. >> oh. that's great. >> yeah. >> steven: so if they go in the litter box, you can get a clean urine sample. >> absolutely. >> chris: who came up with that idea? that's very clever. >> brilliant. >> great idea. ok. so let's go to the next one. monitoring at home. >> so once an animal has been diagnosed as being diabetic, the owners will go home with some insulin. >> chris: i thought that was botox. >> i know. [laughs]
9:52 pm
we can do that later maybe. fair enough. what people will learn to do, we'll teach them how to draw up the insulin. >> steven: that was always the most difficult thing in the world. >> chris: remember? >> yeah, yeah. but again, with your veterinarian and their support staff, they're prepared to take you through. don't be shy to say i'm not 100% how to do it, you know. i need a little bit of help. >> chris: i don't even remember doing it with the veterinarian. i think they sent us home with it. ask your great vet. they will help you out and show you how to do it. >> absolutely. >> steven: you're going to need a lot of follow-up to make sure it's correct. >> yes. so what we normally do is get people started on a certain dose of insulin once or twice a day depending on the pet. then we'll have you back in five to seven days and we'll always get you to watch. how is the drinking? is it going down? is the appetite under control? are they gaining some weight? this is where cats and dogs are different. cats are not small dogs. they are actual carnivores so our goal is to have a very high protein diet with
9:53 pm
low carbohydratesment but with dogs what we want is a lot of carbohydrates but complex carbohydrates, high fiber. >> steven: so research it. >> chris: thank you so much. great. [applause] >> thank you. >> all right, everybody. we are going to make your
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
[applause and cheering] >> steven: all right, everybody. it's almost time for the show to be over but before we go we have great life made easy. tips for making sure your baked goods that turn out perfect every time. these are steven's tips. >> take it away, christopher. >> cookies.
9:56 pm
when ingredients are at room temperature they combine smoothly and trap air better, right? when that air expands, you get fluffier baked goods and that's why we do it. they combine butter -- better. if you need butter at room temperature quickly, there's one thing you can do. >> chris: pop it in the microwave. >> steven: you could do that. no, no. if you pop it in the microwave, you just zap it for a second. >> chris: ok. >> steven: or you can chop it into really thin little pieces. it will defrost in no time. if you have butter in a freezer, if you keep it in the freezer which i've done as well. >> chris: that's what you do. >> steven: get a grater, guys, and just grate it. [applause] that will be at room temperature in literally four minutes. >> chris: that's very clever. >> steven: do not con fuse this for cheese. i've done that. >> chris: can you imagine? oh! >> steven: here's a great one for eggs. a lot of time you have room temperature eggs.
9:57 pm
better to incorporate if you're making batter. don't take them straight out of the fridge and add them as an ingredient. >> steven: exactly. really quickly, you can take warm water. >> chris: not boiling water. or you have hard boiled eggs. not for a cake mix. >> steven: add warm water or hold it in your hands and just run it under the tap for a few minutes. >> chris:. [breathing heavily] >> steven: you could do that like the butter. just breathe all over the butter. [chuckles] >> chris: i know, i know. >> steven: next, brown sugar. right? you always get this lumpy, hard brown sugar. >> chris: i like brown sugar but i don't like going in -- i'm not putting that much in my coffee, you know what i'm saying? >> steven: who's going to start in a bowl like this, really? if you need it quickly. you take a small bowl of water and take your lumpy brown sugar. >> chris: do you mix it? >> steven: no, no, no. you pop them in the microwave guys, side-by-side in the microwave. >> chris: is it creating
9:58 pm
like a steam bath? >> steven: exactly much what's going to happen is the water will start to evaporate. zap it for just a minute or so. >> chris: lock at that. >> steven: 30 seconds at a time. so turn that into this. [applause] but don't overcook it, guys. you'll get liquid sugar. see how high your microwave s.30 seconds. test it out. but this is great. you have instant brown sugar. >> chris: that's a great life made easy. thanks, mr. sabados. you guys, i love you guys! we really appreciate it. thank you, thank you, thank you. i hope you'll tune in next time. [applause and cheering] we'll see you next time. >> steven: bye-bye, guys. >> chris: we love you! thank you all! >> steven: thank you, guys. thanks for joining us, everybody. >> chris: thank you. i love your top.
9:59 pm

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